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Marley Spoon, Hello Fresh, KptnCook – Three all-in-one cooking solutions and the differences


With Marley Spoon having launched today, another all-in-one-we-will-solve-your-cooking-problem platform based in Berlin has entered into the market. To help you understand which of the solutions is the best for you, we are giving you an overview on the similarities and differences of the three platforms that want their users to rediscover cooking at home.

Marley Spoon


Chefs offer seven different recipes every week that a customer can pick from. The order consisting of ingredients for the recipes has to be made about a week in advance and will be delivered on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday. As of right now, Marley Spoon allows you to pick from three meals with meat, two with fish and two vegetarian ones. A portion for two is €12, and a minimum of four portions has to be chosen for an order. Four portions costs €24. Delivery frees come on top*. Marley Spoon does not offer a subscription model, but lets users decide when to purchase boxes.

Hello Fresh


With HelloFresh, users can order weekly portions. Three meals for two people (five meals altogether) are €39. Scaling up to five meals for two people (ten meals altogether) is €49.  Different from Marley Spoon, customers do not pick their meals but get a foodbox and recipes with it. HelloFresh says on its website that the reason behind choosing meals for customers is so that customers get the variety and meal discovery that they want. A delivery fee is included. Hello Fresh's subscription model seems very fair: Users have to order two boxes and can cancel the subscription 8 days in advance of the new delivery.



KptnCook is a free app that lets you pick between three different recipes every day. While you have to order food upfront through the other two apps, KptnCook shows you where to get the ingredients (and how much and for how much) nearby. Just as the two above, it also offers step-by-step guide on how to cook the meal.

Though it might sound very convenient, it is still very hard for these models to make a large breakthrough in Germany, industry insiders state. With delicious and relatively affordable takeout and restaurant options in Berlin, it’s less favorable to cook for oneself.


 * The previous version of this text said the delivery was for free. The text was updated on August 10th, 2014. 


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