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Meet: Cipasso, the 99designs for art. #Twitterview

In January 2011, Mathieu Sneep moved from Maastricht to Berlin to work for SponsorPay as Head of EMEA sales. He later founded the canvas network, an online marketplace for photographic art. Now, he launched Cipasso. And here is the #Twitterview we had. 


 VentureVillage: @cipasso Hey! This is @frau_feli. Who am I tweeting to & what's your position at @cipasso? Plus: Do you feel like sharing a selfie? :)

                    Cipasso: Hi @VentureVillage & @Frau_Feli! It's @mathieusneep , Founder of @cipasso. A 99designs for art for your wall. check!

 VentureVillage: @cipasso hi @mathieusneep! Nice to e-meet you! Nice idea! How did you (or who did?) come up with it?

                    Cipasso: @VentureVillage Couldn't find art matching my requirements. IKEA lacks originality, online is supply driven, galleries offer limited choice.


VentureVillage@cipasso sounds pretty reasonable! When did you start? And are you looking for any investment right now?


                    Cipasso@VentureVillage Thanks! We launched our beta this week. Working with our first customers and have a committed angel. Open to meet others.

VentureVillage: @cipasso What extra value does @cipasso offer customers?

                    Cipasso@VentureVillage Mission is to make original art accessible. Customers buy into a story. "Pablo from Madrid created this piece, just for me".


VentureVillage: @cipasso That does sound great!! Gives pieces something special! : ) Where are you located? And how many people are you now?


                    Cipasso: @VentureVillage Thanks! We're @RainmakingLoft. Great shared office. We've got 3 people working on @cipasso. Hiring:

VentureVillage: @cipasso Is Berlin the right place to be for you? And where would you like to go next? (Or is it too early to say yet?)

                    Cipasso: @VentureVillage Yes. Berlin is Europe's creative capital. First gain foothold in DE (so: translate). Most likely Scandinavia, NL / UK after. 

 VentureVillage: @cipasso Great!! :) Do you have a learning or advice you would like to share with those who just start their business?

                    Cipasso: @VentureVillage Validate, be lean..we know. Too many people have great ideas but no business. Dive into the deep and go by @Nike:Just do it!

VentureVillage@cipasso Thanks a lot! For the advice, the insights and your time!! All the best and keep us posted on how things go! :)

                    Cipasso: @VentureVillage Our pleasure! Thanks for your time as well & keep in touch!


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