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Moped releases version 2.0 and sets eyes on group messaging for small businesses

Today Moped, the Berlin-based messaging platform funded by Earlybird and a number of well-known US investors, has released version 2.0 of its service with a new focus: messaging for teams and small businesses. The latest update features an "open platform" approach, which integrates with web services – such as email and Dropbox – and opens its platform to third-party developers.


Founded in 2011 by Alabama-born Schuyler Deerman, Moped – which is available for desktop and mobile – began as a simple private messaging tool resembling Twitter's DM feature with hashtags (#s) and @s. At the time, users had to login via Twitter, which limited the number of users and made it difficult to differentiate between the two services.

Considering how often teams switch between different channels of communication when collaborating on projects, Moped's shift in product positioning seems to make sense. The free service allows you to message, send and share media/files all in one place.

“Accessing your messages on several devices, this ‘multi-screen experience,’ is imperative for our users, as is integrating with other web services. Messaging needs to integrate with apps and services our users use, and we’re building Moped with this in mind,” said Deerman.

Moped 2.0

Moped's new user interface

But with most people already using email, iChat, Skype and Facebook in the workplace – do we really need an additional platform for communication? Especially one where the user interface resembles a mashup of Twitter DMs and Facebook Messages?

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