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Hello, taxi – Germany’s Mytaxi raises funds and gets into package delivery



UPDATE If you've got a fleet of taxi drivers using your app, why not offer them the chance to be on-demand couriers? German company Mytaxi is doing just that, tapping into brick-and-mortar stores' need to get online and customers' desire to get goods as soon as possible after they click "buy".

Mytaxi, founded in 2009, works with about 35,000 taxi drivers in Europe and the US. It's still testing the new service with a pilot project with Media Markt in Hamburg. It expects the service will be "generally available to international dealers" by the end of 2013. The costs to customers will be the same as usual express shipments.

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A number of eCommerce companies now offer one-hour delivery, including eBay. While there are plenty of other taxi-ordering apps out there in different markets (Taxibeat, EasyTaxi, Uber, Hailo, Taxi Magic et al), Mytaxi is – with Taxibeat – among the first to expand to on-demand package delivery.

The founders "have had the idea for a while," Mytaxi spokesperson Lina Wüller said. "Mytaxi has got all it needs to become a player in the international instant delivery market. Next to all the attached drivers, it only needed minor changes to adapt the software for the market."

Mytaxi has raised new funding, likely to be a low double-digit million euro figure, from existing investors Daimler and Deutsche Telekom's T-Venture. Some of that will go to develop the new service; some will go to expansion, including to new cities Miami, Seattle and Denver in the US. It's the third round of funding for the company.

Article updated 2pm CET 13 August 2013 to mention Taxibeat's similar delivery service


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