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Office Insider: ResearchGate – a company culture to put Google to shame

An ambitious lot

Spanning three floors in the heart of Mitte in Berlin, ResearchGate is stocked with employee-friendly goods to make this "Facebook for scientists" HQ the envy of everyday office workers. With all the bells and whistles of a "work, rest and play" environment, the team of 80 get a free daily feed (with personally selected meals), a recently acquired floor solely dedicated to eating and playing games on your lunch break – with showers for those who took their match (or two) of ping pong a little too seriously, and an upcoming sleeping room – one for the gents, one for the ladies – to recharge those overworked batteries should the need for a nap arise.

Co-founder and CEO Ijad Madisch took VentureVillage on tour of ResearchGate's headquaters where I sung in a round of Guitar Hero (and maybe nibbled on a deliciously prepared lemon chicken meal, just to test it all out for quality control of course...)

Where: The back-house of Invalidenstrasse 115, Mitte (but a friend of friend told me that you can get lost up their first, old office floor in a separate building at the front...)

Who: Chilled 20-35 year olds donning coloured tees and jeans. Corporate types appear forbidden.

Mission: To revolutionise the way scientists and researchers collaborate and connect on a global scale

What they're drinking: Club Mate, of course

On today's menu: Tortellini filled with spinach, lemon chicken with rice and mixed salad, and soup with smoked pork, pickled cucumber and potatoes. Yum.

On desks: Giant gummy bear figures

Wish: Those giant gummy bear figures were actual giant gummy bears

Listen out for: Sounds of out-of-sync 80's rock from the games floor's Guitar Hero

General colour scheme: Apple green and white

What's missing: Well, they can eat, sleep and work there really. A gym? Spa? Heated indoor pool?

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