OUTFITTERY takes off at airports

In June 2014, OUTFITTERY opened its first pop up store in Hamburg’s airport. Behind the security check where passengers often wait, the 15 square meter store offered to consult men on style.


OUTFITTERY, the Berlin-based startup, helps to consult men on styling questions. After answering basic questions, style experts call customers on the phone and discuss the customer’s style. The stylists then send the individually selected clothes to the customer by mail. Men try it on and decide whether or not to keep the clothing items.

The pop up store at the airport, however, didn’t sell clothes but only showed available pieces to customers. If the customer wanted an article of clothing, the selected ones were shipped to the individual’s home address.

According to an OUTFITTERY spokesperson, the pop up store was a success, and it is currently in debate if it can re-open. It is also in discussion if three other airports should open a pop up store right now. One of them might be in Zurich.

With every first try, comes a first learning: For the Hamburg airport, OUTFITTERY sent style experts from Berlin. In the future, OUTFITTERY will train local style experts upfront instead of sending staff from the headquarter.

However, OUTFITTERY states it is surprised that also many already existing customers would use the service, as it was planned to attract new customers. KPIs on new signups or revenue were not shared.



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