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Axel Springer Invests $20 Million Into Online Magazine OZY


Axel Springer announced that it has invested $20 million into the Silicon Valley based online magazine OZY. The publication that covers stories on news and culture was founded last year by Carlos Watson, a former MSNBC anchor. OZY's aim is to bring readers "news and information in a completely different way."

OZY claims to have more than 5.5 million unique visitors per month. The design and layout of the website definitely plays a role in its success. OZY is visually appealing through the use of style variety, high-quality photography, and bold headlines. Another interesting aspect of the news and culture site is its focus. OZY features "The Presidential Daily Brief" designed to give readers a short summary of the daily stories in news. Its "Daily Dose" presents trending pieces on people, places, and ideas. The last category is a collection of videos comprised of interviews, exclusives, and short documentaries.

"In less than a year OZY has gone from a big idea to a break-through site thanks to elite design, marquee partnerships and quality content focus not simply on where the world is but, more importantly, on where the world is going," says Watson.

When the OZY homepage first loads, it is hard to miss the banner ad sitting at the top of the page. Although it occupies an unusually large amount of space, the ad is also designed to match the layout of the website. Similar ads with high image quality can be found throughout OZY.

According to Gründerszene, the startup is avoiding native advertising practiced by other publications such as Buzzfeed. Mathias Döpfner, Chief Executive Officer of Axel Springer SE, stressed that this decision will keep OZY's business model independent from its reporting.


Image: Screenshot; Disclaimer: Axel Springer is a shareholder of Vertical Media GmbH, the media company reporting on the startup scene. For more information about Vertical Media GmbH, visit:

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