How to Build your Growth Machine – Part 1: Introduction


After driving Growth for the world’s largest companies, many producing hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, building automated trading systems like SearchForce and managing over $1B+ in online advertising spend, I’ve consolidated my experience into a single, strategic framework called the 3P’s: A comprehensive guide to building high performance Growth organizations.


Every organization is unique; each with different customers, markets, products, and business models. What is universal, however, is the opportunity for any business to build effective and personalized 3P’s using a highly scientific approach.

Therefore, Growth Hacking is not just a do or die for lean and mean startups. It’s for any organization that wants to drive profitable and sustainable growth. While there’s no doubt that large companies operate differently – decisions being made in the boardroom, not on the whiteboard – the size of company is irrelevant, so long as the right teams are assembled with the right values – allegiance to data, creativity, and rapid learning-oriented thinking, the right processes implemented while leveraging our GrowthStack—namely, automated software platforms specifically designed to make Growth teams more efficient.

Samir’s 3 P’s of Growth - People, Process and Platforms

My framework is organized around 3 “P’s”: People, Processes, and Platforms.
However, this is not a “one size fits all” approach to growth. Rather, it should serve as a comprehensive guide from which CEOs and CMOs will weave all the 3 “P’s” together to meticulously address their company’s unique business goals.

  • People: Your Growth Squad
  • Process: The House of Kaizen
  • Platforms: Weapons of Mass Distribution

Consider these key questions for your organization:

  • What are your Growth targets for the next four quarters?
  • What is your current plan to get there?
  • Do a gap analysis: What are the skill gaps between people you have and people you need to execute a world-class growth strategy?


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