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Piano lessons app goes forte


TU-Berlin (University of Technology, Berlin) startup Flowkey, an e-learning app that helps users learn how to play music instruments, raised a six-figure investment. One of the investors is a TU professor.

Flowkey shows students the notes as well as the hands on a piano keyboard. Using the microphone of the tablets or smartphone, it recognizes tones and analyzes how skills develop. This data is then used to find, for example, new songs that fit the students’ needs.

As Gründerszene reports, four business angels invested in Flowkey that came out of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) of the Technical University Berlin. Among the investors is TU professor Rüdiger Zarnekow, Dawanda-Seed-Investor Heinz Ackermann, Ergo Communication Founder and CEO Hans Ulrich Helzer, and Social Media expert Marcel Risker.

The three founders Jonas Gössling, Alexander Heesing and Ahmed Hassan are TU graduates and founded Flowkey in 2012. The investment will be used for product development, marketing and to speed up the app launch. Until now, it is in private beta with public beta to come this summer. Guitar will be the next instrument users will have the opportunity to learn how to play.

Image: Some rights are reserved by Nico Kaiser

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