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Apex Power Session
How can startups generate great public relations? Experts of big-name communications agencies shared their thoughts and tips of the trade for that one big question at the last VentureVillage Apex Power Session.

The main message: Startups don’t need expensive press-agentry to create a well-known product. Collette Ballou of Ballou PR, Edelman’s Björn Sievers and Virginie Coulloudon of Transparency International explained to founders what they could do instead.

Watch below as the experts dig into their gems of knowledge to tell us the best way to reach your target group:

Video shot and produced by Patrick Steller

The next Power Session is fast approaching

Inspired by the video? Our next Power Session is on 17 April – focusing on the much-debated question "Are startups really solving problems?” Joining the discussion are top-notch speakers from the areas of social entrepreneurship, including:

Simon Willis - Co-Founder and Managing Director of Purpose Europe
Felix Oldenburg - Director of Ashoka Germany
Till Behnke CEO and Founder of betterplace

When? 17 April from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Where? At the Google HQ, Unter den Linden 14, 10117 Berlin
How? Tickets (including free drinks) are available either here and below:


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