Priori – Berlin’s new “Bloomberg meets Nielsen meets ComScore” for app data



There’s a new source of app data in town – Priori, a companion company to Berlin app search platform Xyo, today launched its website and lifted the veil on a few first products.

The global app economy is forecast to reach $25 billion this year, according to new data from ABI Research. Yet because Apple, Google and Microsoft provide only limited data directly, it’s difficult for those with an interest in the industry – beyond app developers themselves – to accurately judge what’s going on, Priori CEO Patrick Kane says.

Patrick Kane

He arrived at app analytics via stints at INSEAD and Morgan Stanley and sees a comparison here to the early stages of the financial industry:

“The first stock exchange in Amsterdam in 1602? That’s 400 years of people crunching data to understand trends. We see a lot of analogies between the app market and the financial market and we see ourselves positioned at the start of that…”

Priori and DFC Intelligence – Apple expected to dominate mobile entertainment revenue until 2018

Priori sorts more than two million apps into categories, provides independent download stats and rankings, and scrapes the app stores to collect app ratings and feedback.

The resulting database is used to generate reports such as DFC Intelligence‘s just-released “The Global Market for Games and Applications on Smartphone and Tablets” (April 2013). A few tidbits:

  • Apple will continue to dominate mobile entertainment revenue for the next few years despite Android’s growing market share. Games on iOS generated an estimated $3.4 billion in 2012, expected to reach $9 billion by 2013; games on Google Play brought in $700 million, expected to top $2 billion in 2013.
  • Games continue to be the most popular app for smartphones and tablets, especially for Apple. In 2012, games accounted for 56 per cent of apps downloaded for iPad and 54 per cent for iPad. By comparison, games made up just 33 per cent of apps downloaded from Google Play.

Xyologic – rebranding as Xyo, spinning out new company Priori

The backstory here is that Priori is essentially spinning out from app analytics company Xyologic, which is now pushing forward as dedicated app discovery platform Xyo.

Priori (B2B) and Xyo (B2C) will now run as separate companies – Priori has an exclusive license to use Xyologic’s technology, with some kind of royalty scheme in place. We assume Xyologic’s client base, which at least at one point included Zynga and Microsoft, and published report material will also transfer over to the new company.

Other app data companies in Berlin include Adeven; some of the many other companies working in the space include App Annie, Flurry and Distimo (aimed more at developers), as well as technology market research firms such as ABI.

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