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Productive Mobile Plans To “Build a New, Big, Mobile Technology Company”


Without question things are happening on mobile phones these days. While many startups focus on mobile first or even mobile only, that is often tricky for companies, especially for large corporations.

Many of them have built their own intranet and internal software solution. Therefore, it is often expensive or difficult to adjust it to new devices – such as tablets or mobile phones.

With that conflict in mind, Productive Mobile is working on a solution to make this step easier and cheaper. The technology behind it makes desktop-and-mouse-based interfaces that are optimized for mobile solutions.

Anthony Hsiao, Productive Mobile’s Co-Founder and CEO, explains that no tech background is needed to use his platform. The app will be done within minutes or hours, promises Parag Majumdar, co-founder and Head of Engineering, instead of taking weeks and months to be completely developed.

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It seems Productive Mobile is the perfect solution for large companies to get a slick interface, fast and, ready to use. But do big corporations want to go mobile?

“Yes,” says Hsaio in a conversation with VentureVillage. Some companies also took years until they would let their employees use laptops, but by now it’s standard. That being said, he adds: “It’s a only matter of time”.

Direct competitors are found in the U.S.: Capriza and StarMobile offer very similar solutions. With focus on security, Productive Mobile wants to separate itself from the others.

After participating in the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program, the team raised a low six digit Euro seed round from angel investors Stephane Lopes and Francisco Garcia. Another round is planned for early 2015, Hsaio told Gründerszene.

The team has great plans: “We don’t have many strong tech companies in Europe and almost completely depend on the USA. Our goal is to build a new, big mobile technology company.”


Image Credit: Productive Mobile 

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