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ProSiebenSat.1’s new Accelerator Round and why it doesn’t focus on media industry relevant startups only

ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator announced its 4th round with no startup that is directly connected to the media business. It still makes sense, states ProSiebenSat.1, referring to the target group it can reach for startups with its media channels.


Many corporate companies realized their industry is changing and relevant innovation often happens outside their walls. Seeing that startups get acquired by large competitors and watching target groups and revenue pass them by, many corporations started incubators, innovation centers or accelerators.

Models to support startups differ by companies and by industries: Some offer cash for equity, some offer advice, some offer their industry network, some offer all of the above.

At the P7S1 Accelerator all of the six startups receive €25,000 for five percent equity and get coaching and access to the investor network.

Currently, many accelerators focus on startups that can connect to their industry’s environment: Commerzbank supports FinTech startups, GreenAlley focuses on green startups, Bayer’s Grant4Apps invests into startups in the health sector.

With ProSiebenSat.1, it seems different.

Media deals have become the focus: With the reach ProSiebenSat.1 can provide, it looks into how it can address specific target groups.

"left"]That worked very well for GetYourGuide, last year’s SevenVenture Pitch Day winner. Last month the CEO and co-founder of GetYourGuide, Johannes Reck, spoke to VentureVillage about the startup’s strategy, different approaches, how to measure the success of TV campaigns, and how the cooperation with ProSiebenSat.1 went.

A wild card to this year’s SevenVenture Pitch Day will be given to one of the startups. There, it can pitch for a €7 million media budget.

These startups are part of the P7S1 Accelerator fall 2014 edition:

- HelloCare is a digital marketplace for senior care and support. While other services offer one of the services, HelloCare offers multiple, like e.g. cleaning, help with shopping, and household services.

- Cashboard helps investors to easier access and manage their investment portfolio.

- Eurosender helps people ship parcels or luggage internationally. Similar to parcelmix from Lisbon,  the Slovenian company arranges shipments between European countries at the lowest possible prices.

- Ekoio from Leipzig provides an accessory (Ekoio Stick) and an app to connect any car’s onboard computer and engine data to the user’s smartphone. The Ekoio Stick collects engine and driving behavior data to optimize driving.

- Jaimie Jacobs offers customizable, hand-made shoes for women and men. Customers can pick their own design, material, and color in the 3D generator on the website.

- Pablo & Paul is a shop for exclusive but also affordable art.

The media house states that it received over 300 applications for its 4th round. Having launched in January 2013 that makes two rounds (spring and fall) each year. The accelerator says its goal is to make Germany more attractive for new businesses and establish structure for innovation.

In addition to the office in Munich, HelloCare and Cashboard will be located in Berlin. Here it will be easy to connect to ProSiebenSat.1's subsidiaries like MyVideo, Studio71, and SevenGames.


Image: ProSiebenSat.1

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