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Putzpimmel – the Berlin cleaning company with naked ambition

Name your favourite things to do and cleaning is going to come somewhere down the bottom of the list. Getting a cleaner can be the best decision people can make. And now Berlin startup Putzpimmel is ramping up the housekeeping industry, offering their customers cleaners along with a little extra excitement.


Putzpimmel, launched by founder Janine Michael, offers a refreshing change to the complex and tech-heavy startups that characterise much of the Berlin entrepreneurial scene. All Michael wants to do is provide a solution to the mundanity of house cleaning. Her website offers male cleaners under the motto of less is more – they clean your house... naked.

While you might think this could lead to some, er, awkward situations, Michael is adamant that the service is not about sex or strip teases, just fun and erotic.  She engages the typical "guy next door" for her cleaning services that are, logically, mostly targeted at women.

The cleaners are affectionly called ‘PuPi’ and are required to either be completely naked while cleaning, or wear cute ‘Pupi aprons’, designed to minimally cover the nether regions.  The startup is constantly on the search for more employees, job seekers can apply here.

width="200"After  getting the idea for the startup while barbecuing with friends, Michael began working on Putzpimmel in December last year and has poured her heart and energy into the startup. “The idea has gotten a lot of interest so far. Many people have written to me and are curious about it, which gives me strength and courage. And there’s no doubt that it’s lots of fun!” Michael says.

So the next time you're stuck for a present for a friend that seems to have everything, maybe give Putzpimmel a call...

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