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Rocket: Helpling Launches In Germany Today


Rocket Internet announced today the launch of Helpling, an online platform for domestic cleaners in Germany that offers a cleaning service starting at 12.90 €/hour. The service will be available first in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg and is planning to expand to other German cities soon.

All cleaning partners have business licenses, and cleaning services are tax deductible making the cost 10.30 €/h, Helpling explains on their website. To use the service, users have to enter their address, desired time, duration and special cleaning requests. Through an algorithm, an appropriate cleaning lady will be selected and recommended to the client. To ensure a high quality service, customers can rate their household helper with a 5 stars rating system and add them to their favorites for next time. Different to other cleaning services, like Homejoy (based in San Francisco), cleaners at Helpling do not bring supplies and equipment with them.

Benedikt Franke, co-founder at Helping, explains the potential of the service saying, “Around 4 million people in Germany use cleaning support on a frequent basis, but currently only 5% of these workers are legally licensed to carry out this work in Germany. Our marketplace offers households the opportunity to book qualified helpers flexibly and comfortably online.”


Making the cleaning service a little less dirty, Philipp Huffmann, co-founder at Helpling explains: “[...] we offer our cleaning staff a legal and fair income, as well as enabling them to access a wider client base, so they can be less dependent on individual clients.”

Previously, the founders have built a content and advertising network focused on Latin America. Philip Huffmann has various experiences with Rocket Internet companies since 2007, and Benedikt Franke joined Rocket in 2009.

Image: Helpling Founders: Benedikt Franke and Philipp Huffmann
Image Source: Helpling

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