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Scientology Launches A Multibillion-Dollar Accelerator Program


Everyone wants a piece of the digital boom - and now it is Scientology's turn. The Scientology sub-organization World Institute of Scientology Enterprises announced today the launch of its new multibillion-dollar accelerator program. Planned locations are in some startup hotspots including San Francisco, London, Berlin, and Clearwater, Florida, the headquarters of Scientology.

Business ideas that we can expect to come from the accelerator will be in the fields of life management and spiritual technology. Its E-meter that is meant to measure the body's electric flow in order to reveal sources of trauma will no doubt be one major source of innovation at the accelerators. Scientology also believes in an intergalactic civilization in which millions of beings were destroyed and now latch onto humans and cause even more trauma. Hardware and apps to help humans release themselves of these alien parasites are expected to be developed starting from the first batch of startups.

Statements from celebrity Scientology activists are not available at the moment, but they are expected to mentor - and invest in - a few of the more promising startups. As always, we plan to keep you updated on whatever "the next big thing" in Scientology happens to be.


Image Credit: © Some Rights Reserved by Andrew Xu

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