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Scondoo raises close to €1m seed funding to help you score cheap grocery deals

Berlin-based mobile shopping deals app Scondoo has secured just under €1m in seed funding led by German VC Point Nine Capital, along with Heilemann Ventures and angel investors.


Launched eight months ago, the free iOS and Android app helps users discover deals and sale items for their groceries. When users buy a product advertised through the app,  they can use Scondoo to take a photo of the recipe. They then receive credit from the brand offering the sale item directly to their Scondoo account – which means the supermarkets don't have to get involved in the deals at all.

So far, the offers are only available for supermarkets and drug stores in Germany.

Talking about the funding, Pawel Chudzinski, a partner at Point Nine, said: "Product manufacturers can place offers directly in the app without having to integrate the merchant. This, plus the increased usage of smartphones for daily shopping, means the app has a lot of potential in Europe."

Heilemann Ventures is the holding group of brothers Fabian and Ferry Heilemann, the founders of Groupon clone DailyDeal, which they recently bought back from Google for an undiscolosed sum. They said in a press statement that they are excited to be involved in Scondoo as it is complementary to DailyDeal. They said they like to focus their investments on industries that they have expertise in, so they can provide support for their portfolio companies. Heilemann Ventures has also invested in events finder Vamos and Amerano, a fashion site for men.

Scondoo has previously received support from Sixt e-Ventures and CRES Internet. So far, the startup has landed a few big name brands including Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Krüger Kaffee and Carlsberg.

Image credit: Flickr user Caden Crawford

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