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Seed Summit – pitch to Berlin’s seed investors

Seed Summit

Seed Summit

Next week's Seed Summit wants to cut through the jargon and confusion for founders trying to raise early-stage funding in Berlin.

The summit, organised by the Berlin Startup Academy as part of Social Media Week Berlin, will feature a rough dozen different early-stage investors – from angel investors and funds to incubators, crowdfunding platforms and media for equity deals. Each investor will explain what they do and the kind of ideas and teams that are the best fit for their style (with their peers on hand to keep them honest).

After that, four founding teams actually looking for seed funding will have their chance to pitch – if you want to be one of them, send a link to a short video through to us ( and we'll pass it on to the Startup Academy's Christoph Räthke.

The contenders – incubators, angels and crowdfunding chiefs

The investors confirmed for the Seed Summit are:

  • Peter Borchers, hub:raum (Deutsche Telekom's new incubator – unfortunate name but serious expertise to offer)
  • Philipp Hartmann, Rheingau Founders (Berlin-based incubator)
  • Thomas Hertzog, Innovestment ("crowdinvesting" platform)
  • Aljoscha Kaplan, GMPVC (offers media for equity deals for startups)
  • Masoud Kamali, West TechVentures (backed by Software & Support Media GmbH)
  • Christian Nagel, Earlybird (early-stage VC – new $100m fund, portfolio includes Madvertise, 6Wunderkinder and Moped)
  • Christian Stein, Creathor Venture (seed and early-stage VC)
  • Dr Torsten Oelke, YOU IS NOW Lab (the startup and innovation platform of ImmobilienScout24)
  • Jens-Uwe Sauer, Seedmatch (crowdfunding for startups)
  • Simon Schneider, High-Tech Gründerfunds (fund backed by various big names)

Seed Summit takes place from 6-7.30pm on Friday 28 September, at Deskwanted, Andreasstr. 10, Berlin – to join the audience, register on the Social Media Week website (log-in required).

Image courtesy of Flickr user Images_of_Money 


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