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Seedcamp revs up plans for London and Berlin, becomes AngelList’s first European partner

Reshma Sohoni


The proliferation of startup accelerators in Berlin continues as pan-European seed investor Seedcamp today announced it will hold two of its flagship Seedcamp Week events in the German capital this year. Seedcamp has also partnered with startup community AngelList to manage applications for local events and introduced a new investment structure so more teams can participate.

"We're doubling down on the core locations – and this is London and Berlin"

Seedcamp Week will now be held four times a year – twice in London and twice in Berlin.

In the past, Seedcamp has held smaller day-long events in Berlin, but 2013 marks the first time that their week-long event will come to the city – twice. The first one one will happen in mid-May with the help of The Factory and BDMI.

Berlin has long been a fixture for Seedcamp and the company's new focus is a natural next-step towards strengthening their presence and ties in the city's startup ecosystem. Reshma Sohoni, partner at Seedcamp, explained that Germany is becoming more and more important:

"I think Berlin can't be ignored. It's becoming such a great hub for international entrepreneurs just as London has been," Sohoni (pictured below) said. "We're choosing Berlin and London because that's really where you're going to get the best access to capital and top-notch mentors."

Reshma Sohoni

More entrepreneurs can now participate in Seedcamp

Seedcamp has also officially announced a new investment structure that allows a wider range of companies to join the accelerator. Early-stage startups, companies with some funding and companies already generating cash can now all apply to participate. The new structure consists of three funding tiers, each offering a particular structure to accomodate for differences.

With the support of local partners, Mini Seedcamp events will be going to more European cities this year, including Dublin, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Barcelona, Moscow, Sofia and Copenhagen. The new partnership with AngelList – making Seedcamp the first in Europe to use AngelList's new applications feature – means that teams can now apply to these events through the platform.

What makes Seedcamp different?

There is no shortage of accelerator programs in Berlin with hub:raum, Startupbootcamp and Berlin Startup Academy, to name a few – can Seedcamp stand out amongst the plethora of options currently available?

Sohoni argued Seedcamp is different because, unlike some local accelerators, they offer startups a global network of contacts across Europe and the US that are "completely tied together".

Featured image credit: seed by Flickr user e skene; Reshma Sohoni at Betahaus Berlin by Paula Marttila (Twitter: @PaulaMarttila)

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