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Power Sessions by VentureVillage and Apex


VentureVillage and Apex Communications joined forces to launch the Power Sessions, a series of workshops that brought together the most accomplished individuals to teach, motivate and energise the Berlin tech community.

What was it all about?

The Power Sessions were created to support vertical integration and support thinking outside the box!

The Power Sessions presented by VentureVillage and Apex Communications were a series of English workshops specifically designed for the Berlin tech community, emphasising an interdisciplinary approach to success. The Sessions brought together those at the top of their game and respective fields, whether it be in business development, marketing or the arts.

Find some details about the Sessions below:


12 December 2012: Internationalising your business - The ins and outs of going global

24 January 2013: Marketing with the pros - Developing the identity of your brand

28 February 2013: Publicising your relations – The what, how and why of PR for startups

14 April 2013: Are startups really solving problems?

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