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Sidestage enters UK 5 weeks after launching



After his messaging service moped didn’t take off, Schuyler Deerman is now back with a new idea and launched a  community marketplace for finding musicians to play at private parties, events and performances.

“I’m grew up playing guitar and know lots of musicians. Here are all these crazy talented people, but none of them make much money playing music,” Deerman says when explaining his idea. “What if we could make it really easy for them to get booked to play at parties and events? If it was easier to hire musicians, then more people would do it.”

After starting in Berlin at the end of July, Sidestage counts 50 artists on its platform in Berlin and 25 in London, where it launched today. The team of four will stay in Germany.

On the platform, musicians have a profile with a description, pictures, a SoundCloud and/or YouTube integration. Page visitors can see the price the artists ask for and have the chance to message or book right away.

"Sidestage makes it easy to accept booking requests and protects us against cancellations. As artists, we love it,” says Rosemary Hudson of Goodbye Leopold in London.

The startup raised a small round from Robin Haak, COO at Jobspotting, and Christian Reber, Founder and CEO of Wunderlist.


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