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Sleepless in Berlin: Lange Nacht der Startups Is Coming Up

The 2nd Lange Nacht der Startups (Long Night of the Startups) is coming up next month on September 6th. Its goal is to connect startups with investors and possible partners as well as engage the public to give insights into the startup scene. To warm up, Lange Nacht der Startups organized a bedbike (a bed that is connected to a bike) for startups and Ralph Riecke, a Senior Investment Manager at hub:raum.

The conference will take place at Deutsche Telekom’s headquarters and at the Ludwig-Erhard-Haus of the IHK (chamber of commerce and industry) during the day. It will focus on three different groups: beginners (to educate about e.g. appropriation), advanced (to share knowledge about internationalization), and partnering (to explain which partners to concentrate on). Input will come from startups such as Outfittery, Amorelie , manualONE, Hoard, and Blogfoster.

"left"]Starting at 5pm startups will have exhibits at both locations. After 300 startups applied, 115 got selected to take part, covering categories such as commerce/retails, communication, entertainment, data analytics, green/heath/bio tech and home, as well as food/lifestyle and security. Live pitches will take place at the two locations that are connected with shuttle buses.

Last year’s success story was Barzahlen, a startup that lets you pay online bills in (offline) stores. After meeting the right people at Lange Nacht der Startups, the startup’s system will now be used in 720 Telekom shops. Barzahlen will join this year’s event again. More on partnerships will be discussed at the so-called Elefantenrunde (elephant’s round) where e.g. Niek Jan van Damme, Management Board Member at Deutsche Telekom, and Linda Kozlowski, Vice President at Evernote, will participate.

To get into the mood and connect the right people upfront, a special pitch event took place yesterday evening. Ralph Riecke met with four startups on a bed bike. Dr. Roman Priebe (Mynigma), Kathrin Abels (Payfriendz), Radek Koslowski (Fast-Gesund), and Michael Kappler (Beaconinside) were able to spend some time with Riecke and listened to his advice and feedback while riding through Berlin.


Ralph Riecke & Kathrin Abels


Ralph Riecke & Michael Kappler


Tickets can be ordered online.

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