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Spätschicht – the party diaries (your naked photo booth pictures to come)



Now that we've shaken off the hangovers, collected a tree-worth of business cards and spent the last of the famous gold coins, we're ready to dish. What did we learn? Who did we meet? And who really needs a breath mint? First off, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along to our second Spätschicht event and made it as fun as it was. On the occasional walk around the block, we got grateful for the historical significance of the venue, positioned right at Check Point Charlie. Here's a street shot (for you American readers).


Now to the people...

Over 250 of Berlin's movers and shakers in the startup and tech scene turned up to our no-work, all-play late shift to network and nosh. Who were our favorite conversations? Loved talking bistros with Madvertise's Chris Burbes, mlove with Aka-aki's Stefanie Hoffman, online gambling with (our CEO's old boss) and currently Geewa CEO Jens Hilgers. 9Flats CTO Weston Henkins was really concerned about his hair. And Fabian Westerheide talked about how we got him a few dates.

Best dressed male? Hate to give it to him, because he's always so damn snarky, but Lukasz Gadowski. Best dress? Elizabeth Serangel, who was lovely and Onassis dressed in a conversation-inspiring sequin dress.


What else? Stories, gossip, and figs

Bitebox taught us about how difficult subscription commerce can be. Caseable told us about Banksy's management team in London. The Groupon gang was characteristically camera-shy. Our favorite club mate Daniel Neetzel hunted for an investor. And Pablo Rudiger talked about how he really can't get raunchy in the photo booth because of his law firm, and yada yada yada, he did it anyway.

How did the night end, you ask? Kolja did his best to get every last straggler wasted. And we all lived happily ever after.

Other highlights and the night's best quotes

Our Twitter Wall definitely made an impact (where quotes from the guests flirted among check-ins and Microsoft party announcements) as did the famous photo booth and Speed-Pitching areas. We promise ... we'll be publishing a full party gallery really soon, but in the meantime, here's our Storify link – and some of our favourite quotes from the night:


"Life is a self-selection process."
Lukasz Gadowski, Team Europe

"My idea is your idea, we must share our information to make great things happen"
Elizabeth Stangl, 99 Faces

"An innovative startup is smarter than the competitor, cooler than the white wine"
Jan Brorhilker, Ernst & Young

"Test like the best. Or fail like the rest"
Torsten Mayer, co-founder of UI-Check

"Ever shouted "f**k you" to your partner in the supermarket? Use that voice!"
Florian Mück, The Seven Minute Star

"If a startup has a fantasy, that's exciting"
Julana Chondrasch, Fashionism

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