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Spotify launches in Italy, Poland and Portugal, now present in 20 markets



Today music streaming platform Spotify announced its launch into three new European markets: Italy, Poland and Portugal. The company is now present in 20 markets worldwide and has reportedly garnered over 20 million active users.

Spotify's three account tiers – Free, Unlimited and Premium – will be available to music lovers across the three new markets. Account types are differentiated by pricing, frequency of radio-style ads and additional features.

Several rival services are making moves on the international stage and Spotify is beginning to feel the heat. Earlier this year, French online music company Deezer expanded to the Middle East, Africa, Brazil and Asia and Rhapsody announced its launch to 16 European countries before the end of the second quarter.

Since Spotify's launch in Sweden in 2008, the company has become one of the most popular music streaming services. However, with competition mounting – the question is whether it will be able to hold its place in the market in 2013.

Featured image credit: Flickr user BeauGiles

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