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Germany, what are you listening to? Spotify launches new Top 50 charts

Daft Punk, Macklemore and Imagine Dragons – Germany, these are your favourite artists at the moment according to Spotify's newly launched Top 50 charts. Today, the Swedish music streaming service launched music charts the Spotify 50 and Social 50 – collaborating its data to rank the most-streamed and shared songs and providing a different chart for each of the 28 regions it’s available in.

The charts are updated weekly, with the latest edition released every Monday at 12pm EST and users gaining access to lists from the previous four weeks.


In an effort to boost its online visibility, Spotify is providing the charts as a widget, which media outlets can embed on their websites (see below). People can then check out the songs without having to register for Spotify or sign in to their accounts.

The value of the data from Spotify's 24 million users has already been recognised by US chart Billboard 100, which includes information from the music streaming service when collaborating its list. And with music streaming now accounting for 20 per cent of global music revenue (one quarter of Spotify users pay for the service), top charts based on music purchases can no longer be considered the most accurate source of information on the most popular songs.

Spotify already offered users a “Lists” app, which shows top songs by country and includes one list that collaborates all data and presents the most-listened to songs “everywhere” – something which hasn't yet been introduced for Spotify 50 or Social 50.

Coinciding with the new charts, Spotify has announced it will include total play counts for artists – showing the number of plays each song has had since Spotify launched in 2008. It's rolling the feature out slowly, with some accounts already including it.

These announcements come off the back of  Google presenting a new competitor for Spotify – Google Play Music All Access – and Twitter getting its foot in the music door by launching Twitter #music and taking over music discovery tool We are Hunted. Twitter #music users can check out top-trending songs on the social network, with the actual music drawn from iTunes, Spotify and Rdio. Unlike Spotify's chart, Twitter #music only provides previews of songs on iTunes – full tracks are available to premium subscribers of Spotify and Rdio.

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