Start right: Four Alternatives to Find Your New Home in Berlin

When all is said and done, you are sure: it is time to move to Berlin! Berlin is the right idea to start or move your startup to. Your bags are pretty much packed and all you need now is a new place to stay in Berlin. 

We put our heads together to find best way for you to secure a great apartment in Berlin. You have standard real estate pages like immonet, Immobilienscout24 and WG-Gesucht, but here are others options worth looking at:

1. Dreamflat 

Whether you are looking for an apartment or a shared flat, this Berlin startup found a beautiful way to show new offers. PLUS: if you feel like sharing an apartment with other startup people, check out to find the right match.

2. Facebook

Help! Need! Please share! –– it works! People who support you will share your “Hooray, I’m moving to Berlin and am looking for ...” post with their friends and, most of the time, someone knows someone… and there you go!

Not only your friends, but also Facebook groups are full of offers like Berlin Startup Flats & Flatshares. Request to be added, post your request or respond to the ones you find there.

3. Ebay Kleinanzeigen

Ebay Kleinanzeigen will not only help you to find secondhand furniture, but also offers loads of apartments. Whether you are looking for an apartment, a house or an office space, Ebay Kleinanzeigen is definitely worth a look!

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is bigger in the US, but as Berlin is so international, it works here as well when it comes to searching for a new place. 

You can alway stay at an Airbnb place for the first one or two months and search from here. After getting to know some locals, it is always gets easier to find the right spot and get to know the districts to know which area fits best to you. 

However you find your new place – Berlin is waiting for you!


Image Source: some rights reserved by Daniel Longoria 

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