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Startup Safary Berlin calls for support for massive open office festival

startup safary

startup safary

The young international team behind Startup Safary want to throw open the doors of Berlin's startup offices – and they're got nine days left in an ambitious €10,000 crowdfunding campaign to make it happen.

Startup Safary Berlin would take place on 6 September 2013 in Germany's capital and throw open the doors of nearly as many internet and tech companies, incubators and accelerators, investment firms and co-working spaces that want to take part. Tickets will be €10 and participants can choose their own schedules for the day.

So far, there are 18 companies listed on the website (including Fab, Google, HitFox, SponsorPay and JustBook). Startup Safary co-founder Maciek Laskus says they've got about 40 signed up and will announce more soon, as well as associated event partnerships and workshop sessions. "We're trying to get more big names on board," he said.

It's a large-scale sequel to previous offices tours in Berlin, Krakow, Cologne and Poznan. The team say they would spend the €10,000 they hope to raise on an event website, marketing, salaries, a mobile app and general operations.

Laskus hopes the event's low ticket price will make it accessible to a wide range of people across Europe. "Students, internets – they're the ones who can benefit the most but also the ones who can't afford €100 for a conference," he said.

Startup Safary is running a volunteer ambassador programme to help get people to the event – if big groups from a particular city want to attend, the ambassadors will organise cheap transport to get there (doubling as an en-route networking event). The team expects between one and two thousand attendees from across Europe, with a particularly strong showing from Laskus' home country Poland and, we'd assume, Germany.

While the team have a few pledges from participating companies up their sleeves, right now they're still short of their crowdfunding target. We'll be keeping an eye on it...


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