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Startups at Berlin Music Week are announced


Up until August 1st startups with a close link to the music ecosystem had the chance to send in applications for the opportunity to pitch in front of experts, potential partners and investors at Berlin’s Postbahnhof during Berlin Music Week on September 5th.

“After focussing on the German scene last year, this year’s participants also come from international music tech hubs like London, Stockholm or San Francisco, " says Eric Eitel, Chairman of all2gethernow e.V. and curator of Interactive Music, Tech & Startups at Berlin Music Week.

The following ten are the finalists:

Spinnup (Sweden)

Spinnup launched early 2013. It’s an online digital music distribution service from Universal Music that offers unsigned artists the opportunity to publish their music worldwide.

cPulse (France)

cPulse is the first case with LEDs for Android 4.4 smartphones that  combines music and light. Users can create “lightning tracks” for their favorite tracks or let the system create them by matching the light effects automatically to the music.

nagual sounds (Germany)

nagual sounds is a software which translates body movements captured by a 3D camera into music in real time. That way every dance performance will become an interactive music experience.

Reactify (UK)

Reactify is specialized in interactive music production and composing, e.g. with sound installations or apps.

Soundytics (Luxemburg)

With Soundytics users can choose the right music for the current situation, e.g. driving, doing sports or the nightlife. Playlists cannot only be filtered by genre but also by mood, tempo, subgenre, tonality or instruments.

feelthebeat (Germany)

feelthebeat is a wearable metronome which vibrates to the beat of the music when connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. With the feelthebeat app, the metronome’s settings, like beats per minute or the rhythm, can be adjusted.

Zoo Labs (California)

At Zoo Labs, artists and musicians are meeting entrepreneurs to learn from them – and vice versa. The Californian Music Tech Incubator offers the chance to record music, participate in workshops or develop long lasting business strategies together.


Klang (Germany)

Klang is a 3D in-ear audio technology for headphones and wants to replace the stereo sound. This shall help, for example, bands when they are performing live on stage.

Disco Fingers (Norway)

Disco Fingers is targeting non-musicians children over eight and young adults in expressing themselves musically by creating their own beats and publishing them.

Threaks GmbH (Germany)

Threaks is specialized in the development of non-linear music video games.

The jury will include Steffen Holly (Fraunhofer IDMT), Knut Jørstad (Factlines), Andrea Leonelli (Digital Music Trends), Nina Nedreaas (Universal Music Group), Kathleen Olstedt (IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft) and Ingrid Walther (Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Technologie und Forschung). They will evaluate the finalists’ ideas and business models and will announce the winner later that day.  The winner will receive a music startup scholarship sponsored by Mashup Norway and a mentoring programme by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

Also, the event is the official hub of Startup Safary, Berlin’s “day of open doors for startups” that takes place the second time this year.

 Image: Berlin Music Week 

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