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Stattmedia Game Contest – unleash your inner geek at Stattbad



Nerds and young-at-heart alert: Friday night is games night.... in a drained 19th century pool.

The former swimming hall at Stattbad, Berlin, will be turned into a tech fusion of DJs and interactive large-scale prototype games – on display and on-trial from budding indie game developers.

The Stattmedia Game Contest is the result of a roundup from a two-month long competition between developers, organised by avid US gamers Experimental Gameplay and art-tech installer Outside Standing Level (O2L).

The live public event will give attendees the chance to play one of 23 interactive games and vote on their favourites. It gives showcased developers  the chance to be up for winner's  bragging rights and the top prize of €1200 of cold, hard cash.


Friday, February 16 from 8pm
@ Stattbad Wedding
Gericht Straße 65

For more information, visit the website. Happy gaming!


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