Target Partners invests €2.1 million in farming supporting software

Berlin-based SaaS startup announced a €2.1 million Series A investment by Target Partners. The investment will be used for product development and sales.



Though not in the daily spotlight, agriculture is a field in need of technical improvement. Understanding that, the team at worked closely with farmers to develop a tool for agricultural contractors to organize and optimize fleets, schedules and manpower. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform is used by 50 firms so far, states.

Besides organizing the workflow, also helps to calculate the size of the fields. The startup claims sizes differ on average by 5% to what the farmers think. This seems like central problem. Other startups such as eFarmers concentrate on this issue as well though its focus is otherwise on planting and not organising.

As smartphones are all around, employees do not need other hardware but reply on assignments or log-in key operation data via a mobile app. ('trecker' is German for 'tractor') was founded by Miro Wilms and Benedikt Voigt in 2012. The team of seven will use the investment to concentrate on improving the product and increase sales. Comments on global expansions were not made.

Target Partners has invested in other SaaS software before, e.g. for hotels (hetras) or payments (tis). It manages over €230 million and is one the leading German early stage investors.


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