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Today in Germany:, Sugarhigh, Simplex closes its Berlin office, and more.

width="515" is closing its Berlin office, the portal that provides coupon codes, is closing its Berlin office at the end of February. The website will now be run from its Amsterdam office. The company says that the move is meant to promote synergies.

Berlin-based E-mail Magazine Sugarhigh is bought by a U.S. competitor

Sugarhigh has been bought by Daily Secret, a competitor from the U.S. The E-mail magazine is received by around 50,000 Berliners daily who are keen to know the most interesting and exciting events going on in the city.

Interview with 19-year-old Finn Plotz, founder of Simplex

As a young entrepreneur, Finn Plotz goes to school and runs his startup Simplex at the same time. What is more impressive is that he just closed a €600,000 financing round. In an interview with Gründerszene, Plotz shares details on his startup and life as a young entrepreneur.


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