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Have your air pump ready: Techbikers are on the road again

Started in 2012 at the Google Campus in London, Techbikers was brought to Germany one year later. This year is the second annual round trip from Berlin taking place from July 24th to July 27th.

“The most stunning thing I saw last year was a founder who made it through the entire tour with a single-speed bike and couldn’t switch gears,” says Jan Blecher, co-founder of who organises the event.

He organizes the event together with seven startup founders and employees from Hamburg who are biking advocates as well.


It takes three days to travel the 450 km long route.

A bus takes the max. 35 participants (only a few spots are left) from Berlin to Copenhagen on July 24th, where the journey continues to Nykobing Falster which is 145 km away. On the second day, they will bike another 135 km to Lake Müritz and, finally, on the third day another 150 km back to Berlin.

Whoever is interested in joining should have a good fitness level. “It is, however, not a race,” Bechler stresses. “It’s about networking, and it’s a charity event. It’s not about being the first one!”

Bechler continues by saying, “We realized that many of our tech friends love to bike and want to help by supporting a good cause.” That is how the event first got going in Germany.

The money collected will support World Bicycle Relief who produce specially developed bikes for entrepreneurs, farmers, healthcare workers and students in Africa.

Whoever wants to join should be a little bit athletic, enjoy networking and meeting new people.

If you bring these components, you’ll surely make to the Axel Springer Plug & Play BBQ on July 27th.

Image: Some right reserved by John Tornow, Techbikers

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