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Testing PicsaStock, A platform that lets you sell your Instagram & co. pictures

We’re taking pictures everywhere to remember and share every good moment –or coffee... Platforms such as EyeEm or Instagram let us share photos but there are also ways to make money out of it. PicsaStock is one of them. It launched in September 2013 and lets agencies, editors and others buy “more authentic photography”.

How it got started

After launching, a platform to let professional artists paint a photo, founder Ander Lutter realised a high demand for more authentic photos. That’s how the idea for PicsaStock was born.

The platform

The team of 10 people works on a website and an app that lets users import and sell photos from other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, 500px, flickr and others.

The platform claims to have 20,000 contributing photographers who upload 1,000 pictures daily.

Having tested it, it must be said, that the app lets you upload your images very easily. All you do after that is tag your pictures and you are good to go.

Searching for an image was also easy. Plus, the platform lets you pick colors you want the images to have.



Finding a picture, the buyer can pick between different licenses that cost different amounts, also depending on the buyer’s subscription model. When I saw it for the very first time, it seemed very complex and complicated. However, after looking into it, it started making sense.




The photographer gets 50% of the revenue which is common. A few offer 70% but that depends on the platform.


There are many photo selling platforms out there. With 500 px prime selling premium photography, it does not directly compete with PicsaStock. Shutterstock also lets their approved photographers upload pictures, but looks into them and approves them personally to guarantee the high standard.

EyeEm which is working on its own market will fall into direct competition. The Berlin-based photo community platform already cooperates with Getty Images, one of the biggest stock photo sellers, and manages to get a lot of images through its users involvement.


"left"]Licences in this term do not only relate to the usage, but also to who is on the photo and where it is taken. This is handled differently in all parts of the world.

“In Germany for example if an image includes the Berlin TV tower normally you don’t need a permission to sell this picture. But if an image was taken on the ground of Schloss Sanssouci, permission is necessary to sell this picture,” explains Lars Poeck, Head of Mobile Marketing at PiscaStock.

Competitors already try to educate their users and help to get the permissions. It was confirmed, however, that PicsaStock is working on a solution that is soon to come.


Making it very simple to upload photographs, tag them, and for buyers to find their content or pick a color theme or similar pictures, this is a good idea and easy way for hobby photographers to sell their images.

This is also good opportunity to find images, especially for online magazines with a smaller budget than big publishing houses, who are okay with something a little less than extremely high resolution.



Images: Screenshot PiscaStock

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