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The VentureVillage Awards 2012



2012 has been a massive year in the life and ever-changing personality of Berlin. We've witnessed the startup scene blooming faster than ever, with ambitious ventures, new arrivals, big-business accelerators and Stipsters gracing every coworking countertop.

And VentureVillage has been here to document it all. The investments, the exits, the acquisitions, the failures. While we'll honour our most promising new businesses in a series of articles in coming weeks, we'll keep the VentureVillage 2012 Awards for the best (and worst) moments from the Berlin Startup scene this year. Read on to see if you made the list...

# 1 Best dressed

Waymate co-founder & CEO Maxim Nohroudi
Because he's stolen the crown from the owner of the best startup moustache, Amen's Felix Petersen. Who else could rock striped socks and a train set quite so well?

#2 Startup most likely to humiliate themselves on purpose

Because who else would have the cojones to stroll down main streets in a mankini? All in a day's work for Alex Napetschnig, co-founder of social dare app Klash.

#3 Best quotes of 2012

oliver samwer
“I'm a Bob the Builder” Oliver Samwer
“There’s only so many times you can fake an orgasm” Yossi Vardi
"I should be every VC's wet dream" Cindy Gallop

#4 Startup most likely to rock your party

Vamos getting ready to party Vamos
Because the founders of this event-finder app are guaranteed to show up at the opening of an envelope, as well as hosting one of the most rocking parties of the year

#5 Most “interesting” startup name

Because... well, just because.

#6 For putting the "chaos" into conference

campus partyCampus Party
Because, having been amongst the 10,000 attendees, we can confirm that confusion was the order of the day at the huge hackers' conference in Tempelhof

#7 Top Stipster

Philipp Gloeckler Philipp Gloeckler
Because, aside from the specs, Gloeckler co-founded eco-retailer  and launched collaborative consumption app He also managed to present at Betapitch without mentioning a product.

#8 Startup most likely to look good naked

Juvalia & You
 Because everyone in their "Call me Maybe" spoof looks as though they've been plucked from a top modelling agency

#9 Most uncontactable contact

soundcloud SoundCloud co-founders Eric Wahlforss and Alex Ljung
Because, well, they're busy running a global company most likely. Be nice if they could take the time to chat though...

#10 Best rent a quote

Christoph RaethkeChristoph Raethke
 Because he's always got something quotable to say. Sometimes in Latin.

#11 Favourite newcomers to the Berlin scene

General AssemblyGeneral Assembly
Because this global network of campuses, currently bunking at Betahaus, provides a great resource for tech, design and business tutorials

#12 The “Yes, but what does it do?” award

raidarrr! Raidarrr!
Because we're sure it's awesome, but some of us just haven't figured it out...

#13 Most popular construction site

the factoryThe Factory
Because they're transforming an ex-brewery into Germany's biggest coworking space with spas, saunas and a glassed-in auditorium to boot

#14 Best leak

"Groupon manager attacks 'slavedriver' CEO Daniel Glasner with two leaked emails"

#15 Biggest “show me the moneeey!!” style pitch

show me the moneyItsPlatonic
Because, Josh Jacobson, founder of ItsPlatonic - an "online dating app but without the romance" - knows how to get his Jerry McGuire on when it comes to pitch time

Image credit: Flickr user zottestef  

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