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The inside life of one famous Berlin investor in 17 tweets

The following is Oliver Jung's twitter feed. After close analysis, we still can't discern his purpose, nor why he stopped at just 17 tweets. He has so many friends (see tweet #12, "talking to lukasz at the phone. He is my friend"), and apparently so much fun (see tweets #3, 6, and 10)... What gives?! We really wish more investors would use Twitter to tell their 402 followers that they're reading a contract...


Enjoy each one like a truffle.


1.  "I am buying a villa." (Sent 8:17am on March 17, 2007)

2. "planning a holiday trip to cannes" (Sent 10:39am on March 17, 2007)

3. "going to buy a nice conference table for my office" (Sent 2:34pm on March 17, 2007)

4.  "building a new company" (Sent 11:16pm on March 22, 2007)

5.  "preparing my trip to munich tomorrow. Trying to rent out a real estate property tomorrow." (Sent 11:29 pm, March 22, 2007)

6.  "reading a contract" (Sent 9:29pm, April 30, 2007)

7.  "I am very sad that I can not be at the StudiVZ party. I am in Zurich, Party is in Berlin." (Sent 9:43pm, April 30, 2007)

8.  "Spending the evening with my wife and hoping to be healthy again by tomorrow after having the flu" (Sent 9:23 PM, May 20, 2007)

9. "Looking at the openBC share price and smiling" (Sent 9:24pm, May 30, 2007)

10. "drinking coffee with my wife" (Sent 10:02am, June 6, 2007)

11. "working on a deal closing" (10:03 AM, June 6, 2007)

12. "talking to lukasz at the phone. He is my friend." (12:50pm, June 6, 2007)

13  "investing - investing - investing...." (Sent 9:49pm, June 26, 2007)

14.  "skyping to martin schaedel" (Sent 9:50pm, June 26, 2007)

15.  "sitting at the Airport Marriott in Warsaw..." (Sent 5:01pm, August 2,2007)

16.  "Talking to Lukasz about" (Sent 5:01pm, August 2, 2007)

17. (translated from German) "Greetings to Lukasz, yesterday there was a national holiday in Switzerland, therefore there were fireworks. Everywhere fireworks in Switzerland- wow!"

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