This Was The Kids Want Mobile Conference


The Kids Want Mobile claims to be the first conference of its kind in Europe. The full-day event, focused on the app industry for kids, took place on Thursday at the PLATOON Kunsthalle Berlin with around 180 guests.

“Back in January, we had a great line-up of speakers set and only five tickets sold,” said Verena Delius, Co-founder of Fox & Sheep, an app publisher for kids, and organizer of The Kids Want Mobile. “Now we have a packed venue with people from great companies who have come a long way to be here.”

Participants listened to a series of speakers who gave insights into their expertise on the world of apps for children. According to a study done by Fox & Sheep, it is a market that is becoming increasingly significant with around 80% of 10-13 year-olds owning their own smartphone or tablet.

Here are a few highlights from the event together with some snapshots that we took from the audience:

Christoph Niemann - Illustrator, designer, author

“The thing about collaboration is...I don’t like it,” says Christoph Niemann, world-renowned cartoonist and creator of the app “Petting Zoo”. During his keynote talk, Niemann explained to the audience why collaborating with the audience is actually what is most important to him and his work.

Using humorous and thoughtful slides, videos and animations that showcased his own work, Niemann revealed how much of a struggle it is being an artist and an editor. How can you set your creativity free while maintaining simplicity? How can you bring your work back to its “essence”?


Thomas Bleyer - CEO of Ravensburger Digital

Only one person in the audience claimed not to know Ravensburger. The other participants likely have fond memories of assembling puzzles and playing board games from this international children’s toy brand.

Thomas Bleyer, the CEO of Ravensburger Digital, is tasked with making the offline toy giant a success in the online world. He admits that the market environment for kids apps is “no piece of cake” and that it is sad to see developers who have worked so hard on their app receive no traction in the market. In order to make developing apps “worthwhile”, Bleyer gave the audience tips on building a quality portfolio with a clear focus and on marketing beyond the app stores.


Oleg Stavitsky - Founder of Bubl

Representing a startup story, Oleg Stavitsky presented his product Bubl - and it was immediately clear that this app is taking a different approach to UI design. Using digital art, suprematism, gaming mechanics and sound, Bubl’s philosophy is to stimulate the imagination and develop creative thinking in children.

If this sounds interesting to you, test out the creativity and design of Bubl yourself - who cares if you are an adult!



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