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The Top 100 Berlin Twitter Accounts you need to follow NOW

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Berlin entrepreneurs and founders

Eric Wahlforss@ericw
Bio Eric Wahlforss, founder of SoudCloud and musician
Followers 53,278
Tweets All things Soundcloud, Snoop Dogg retweets, great music link

Alex Ljung @alexanderljung
Bio SoundCloud founder and CEO
Followers 8,676
Tweets Travels to Tel Aviv, “shit Wifi” and connecting with @SnoopDogg

Bio Edial Dekker, cook, gardener, CEO of @aplusk investment Gidsy
Followers 3,570
Tweets Great source for specific Berlin-based Gidsy events

Bio Matthäus Krzykowski, co-founder at @Xyologic and @Venturebeat's Mobile Summit Advisory Board
Followers 2,309
Tweets Apps, graphs and great mobile usage insights

Christian Reber@christianreber
Bio Founder of 6Wunderkinder, and “heart-driven entrepreneur”
Followers 2,174
Tweets “What matters is making beautiful things. Always.”

Bio CEO and founder of Amen
Followers 2,156
Tweets "Fuck, I think I just Oinked a Picle"

Bio Swedish co-founder of @readmill and all-round nice guy
Followers 2,075
Tweets Responds to pretty much anyone who interacts with him

Florian Weber@csshsh
Bio CTO and founder of Amen
Followers 1,752
Tweets Drum 'n' Bass, Dubstep, co-working and launches

Bio Verena Delius, CEO of Young Internet, developing mobile games for kids
Followers 1,720
Tweets Kids as consumers, Tedxberlin

Bio Floris Dekker – Founder and CPO at Gidsy, brother of @edial
Followers 1,309
Tweets All things Gidsy with a tech bent

Jens Begemann @begemann
Bio Jens Begemann – founder and CEO of Wooga
Followers 965
Tweets All things wooga, plus a dose of tech retweets

Bio Zoe Adamovicz, co-founder at @Xyologic and @ConciseSoftware
Followers 576
Tweets All things mobile and the latest app news and tech event coverage

Bio Flo Meissner, co-founder of @EyeEm
Followers 796
Tweets EyeEm with a personal perspective – and some great photos

Bio Julana Condrasch, fashion maven and founder of Fashionism blog
Followers 532
Tweets Fabulousness, fashion and Berlin street style

Bio American “expatrepreneur” and founder of BuddyBeers
Followers 529
Tweets The tech and startup scene and some loose-lipped details of BuddyLabs launches

Caitlin Winner@caitlinwinner
Bio Co-founder and CPO at Amen with the heart of an artist
Followers 505
Tweets Lucian Freud, lemurs and lots of sweet Amens

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