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The Top 100 Berlin Twitter Accounts you need to follow NOW

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Berlin investors

Ashton Kutcher@aplusk
Bio He's Ashton Kutcher. He likes Berlin and has sunk money into our startups
Followers 9,922,911
Tweets Not so much about Demi any more

Lars Hinrich@LarsHinrichs
Bio Founder of Xing and head of pre-seed VC organisation @HackFwd. Tweeting since 2007
Followers 10,557
Tweets Funding, patents and some great advice for startups

Max neiderhofer@maxniederhofer
Bio London-based VP at Accel Partners and Angel in
Followers 4,532
Tweets “Spending a lot of time in Berlin these days”. Intriguing...

Bio Kolja Hebenstreit, Fouding Partner @TeamEurope
Followers 3,012
Tweets About threatening to leave Twitter in favour of Facebook

Bio Christoph Janz, Managing Partner at Point Nine Capital
Followers 2,991
Tweets Global angel news, job opps and cool business article shares

paul jozefak@pjozefak
Bio German-based VC and founder of Liquid Labs
Followers 2,702
Tweets About new Liquid Labs ventures and sometimes controversial VC outlooks

Bio Jason Whitmire, partner @EarlyBird
Followers 2,449
Tweets Links to the latest trends in tech and the VC-sphere

Felix Haas@felixhaas
Bio Munich-based Business Angel, entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Amiando and commercial pilot
Followers 1,757
Tweets About wearing Bavarian lederhosen at SXSW

Olaf Jacobi@olafjacobi
Bio Munich-based Business Angel, Entrepreneur and athlete
Followers 1,484
Tweets Vocal views on the startup scene. Links to the best business articles and commentary

Stefan Tirtey@toetoe
Bio Stefan Tirtey, early-stage VC and partner at Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures. Investor in SoundCloud
Followers 1,157
Tweets Great links to inspirations for startups and SoundCloud tidbits

Bio Pawel Chudzinski, Early-stage VC for @pointninecap
Followers 1,082
Tweets View from the VC eyes, with nice humourous touches

Bio Renaissance-man VC @EarlybirdVC and “the only Irish national with Bavarian accent”
Followers 898
Tweets The philosophical musings of VC world. And Bayern Munich

Thomas Grota@thomasgr
Bio VC at Deutsche Telekom AG, investor in myTaxi and 6Wunderkinder
Followers 771
Tweets myTaxi news, German business commentary and a great Cologne startup map

uwe hosrtmann@uwehorstmann
Bio Founder and managing director at Project A Ventures, ex-Rocket
Followers 698
Tweets Diarising the Project A setup journey

Bio Official feed form the ex-Rocket exodus
Followers 268
Tweets Details of company releases and seminars. One to watch if you want a new job

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