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The Top 100 Berlin Twitter Accounts you need to follow NOW

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Berlin tech heads

Bio Jan Lehnardt, co-founder of @Couchbase
Followers 5,250
Tweets Short and sweet: "I can’t bring myself to retweet typos"


Bio Fabian Heuwieser, app-maker extraordinaire and firmly plugged into the app-dev scene
Followers 3,734
Tweets Hot-off-the-press apps, BlackBerry apps and startups

Bio Creator of @weavrs, autonomous blog avatars
Followers 2,339
Tweets The bleeding-edge of tech, AI-powered social media

Bio Tor Rauden Källstigen, creator of Loopcam and all-round tech inventor
Followers 1,142
Tweets Crazy Loopcam animations of the city

Bio Tobias Leingruber, “Mozilla Labs scientist” and hacktivist
Followers 1,159
Tweets Where art and tech collide

Bio Online Project Manager and networker with great tech blog
Followers 723
Tweets Trending topics, hot apps and Ritchie Hawtin interviews @Skrillex

stefan hoth@stefanhoth
Bio Organiser of @BerlinHacknTell, German ambassador for @gklst and top geek-about-town
Followers 629
Tweets Grass-roots meetups, info and hacker issues

Bio Nikolas Woischnik, founder of @TechBerlin, founder of @Ahoyberlin
Followers 493
Tweets Job leads, coworking tips, personal insights on the Berlin tech scene


Bio Founder and organiser of @TOABerlin – the planned open-air tech event
Followers 305
Tweets Tech-head about town

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