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Don’t miss these three talks at TOA15


It’s summer in Berlin and while we are melting away, the TOA team published the speakers’ list for this year’s unconference part.

Just like last year, it will take place at the Alte Teppichfabrik. Different, however, is the extended program: TOA’s unconference program will run for two days (July 15 and July 16) and the over 120 satellite events will start on July 16 and continue on July 17.

The two days of the unconference part are packed with speakers such as Chris Barton (founder of Shazam), Christian Hardenberg (global CTO at Rocket Internet) and Yancey Strickler (co-founder and CEO of Kickstarter).

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However, these three talks are the ones we are looking forward to the most:

Jonathan Christensen, CEO and co-founder of Wire

When the Swiss messenger Wire launched last year, it quickly became the talk of the internet. But: as quickly as people started talking about it, the interest died down again. At the conference, the CEO will speak about the topic "Better than Free“. He will discuss how the internet gives us free access to a lot of things that were previously expensive, and will focus on communication tools. It will surely be interesting to see how Wire will see itself differently from all the other messenger apps out there.

Fireside Chat with Niklas Östberg, CEO of Delivery Hero

The food order platform Delivery Hero has raised an overall funding of $1.4 billion and plans an IPO for 2016. Among others, Rocket Internet invested in the Berlin-based company that now has an overall valuation of over €3 billion. Obviously a lot of topics to discuss. The Fireside Chat will be hosted by Mike Butcher from TechCrunch.

Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Hyperloop is a project that was first initiated by Elon Musk. The team around Dirk Ahlborn is working on a high-speed intercity transporter using a low pressure tube train. The goal: A transporter going as fast as 1,220 km/h and providing service to 15 million passengers per year. In his talk, he will share the details and how he disrupts transportation.

Also, TOA and MINI are hosting a hardware pitch. Application is open until Wednesday, July 8. From all the applications, six hardware innovations will be chosen to pitch on stage. The judges will award one winner, who will receive a €4,000 cash prize from MINI and an electric scooter from UNU. Another winner will be chosen by the audience and will receive a  €1,000 cash prize and a full-page ad in The European.

Image: TOA

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