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Today in Berlin: Money Moments with memorado, Delivery Hero, Global Fashion Group and Spotcap


Let there be money! Today's news from Berlin sooner or later deal with money:


€1.3 million for the Brain

memorado raised 1.3 million & announces 1 million users

Two ex-Wimdu’s received a $1.3 million seed round for a brain training games website from a round that includes known founders from Berlin, e.g. from Zalando and Hitfox. News came out today with the announcement of 1 million users.


€350 million for Food

Delivery Hero raised another $350 million round

Berlin-based online food ordering site Delivery Hero reached a $1 billion valuation on the back of the acquisition. Just now, Delivery Hero raised another $350 million in financing. That sums up to a total amount of $520 million that has been raised this year, and $630 million in total. Read more details on TechCrunch, where you also find all details to Delivery Hero's IPO plans.


€2.7 billion in Fashion

Rocket announces Global Fashion Group (GFG)

Five of Rocket's fashion brands will unite as the Global Fashion Group, and will have a combined valuation of €2.7 billion ($3.5 billion). Read more on TechCrunch.


And an Online Credit platform in Spain

Third FinTech startup in Rocket Group

Spotcap is Rocket’s third FinTech startup after Lendico and Zencap. The new online credit platform is designed to help small business owners invest and grow without having to worry about the limitations and challenges that come with seeking credit from a bank. Spotcap announced today that it will launch in Spain first. Read more on The Next Web



Image: Some rights reserved by Steven Snodgrass


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