Today in Berlin: For Math Lovers, For Photo Lovers, For Event Lovers!


Monday. Here's what happened today:

For Math

Inside MATH 42, A Math App Aiming To Democratize Education

For many students, learning math is a source of frustration. Their pleas of “I don’t understand” or “it’s too hard” concern parents. Teachers feel both pressure and helpless on how to cater to math students who might be falling behind. Read more


For Art/Photographers

Testing PicsaStock, A platform that lets you sell your Instagram & co. pictures

We’re taking pictures everywhere to remember and share every good moment –or coffee… Platforms such as EyeEm or Instagram let us share photos but there are also ways to make money out of it. PicsaStock is one of them. It launched in September 2013 and lets agencies, editors and others buy “more authentic photography”. Read  more


For Events

Don't miss the events of the week

Here is what's happening this week in Berlin! Read more



Image: Felicitas Hackmann 


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