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Today in Germany: Babbel, Monoqi, Berlin Space Technologies.

Berlin-based Babbel opens office in NYC, Monoqi goes shopping in the UK, Berlin Space Technologies and Dhruva Space will set up India's first commercial small satellites manufacturing facility.


Babbel opens office in NYC

With over 300 employees based in Berlin, the language learning software Babbel, founded in 2007, seems to be doing well. To enter the U.S. market will now open an office in NYC.
[businesswire], background: [Gründerszene] (German)



Monoqi Buys Up The Old Assets Of Mydeco To Scale Up In The UK

Monoqi, a curated design market has recently entered the UK market. To boost its present, it bought the assets of the former online furniture marketplace MyDeco, a competitor with the original in the UK.



German startup will help to build an ecosystem for the private space sector in India

Up for rocket science? Small satellite developer Dhruva Space and German start-up Berlin Space Technologies have signed a memorandum of understanding to set up India's first commercial small satellites manufacturing facility in Q1 in 2016. It is hoped to be more than just a factory – goal is to build an ecosystem for the private space sector.


Image: Some rights reserved by Matt Biddulph 

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