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Today in Germany: HitFox, MyTaxi, Lazada, Ryzze, Offime, Events

HitFox starts FinTech company builder, Rocket's Lazanda receives €200 million investment, and MyTaxi offers 50% off in Hamburg in December. Also: the startups events you don't want to miss!


HitFox launches FinTech incubator

Based in Berlin and San Francisco, HitFox will start investing in FinTech ideas and develop business to make services more transparent, cheaper or easier to use. Read more on VentureVillage

MyTaxi cut rates for those who pay in-app

Currently only 30% of the customers pay with their smartphone.  To increase this number, MyTaxi will offer a large discount. Customers who pay in-app in Hamburg, where MyTaxi is based, will only pay half of their taxi fare in December. Also, drivers will also be charged 50% of their fee. Taxi companies are not amused and might take legal steps. Read more on WirtschaftsWoche (German) 

Rocket's Amazon clone receives €200 million investment

Over the weekend Lazada, the Rocket Internet-backed e-commerce firm in Southeast Asia, announced €200 million in fresh capital. The round is lead by Singapore’s Temasek Holdings. Read more on TechCrunch

RYZZE receives investment from KLiNGEL Group

KLiNGEL Group invests a seven-digit amount in RYZZE, a brand holding that creates brands, using today’s online tools.  Read more on Neuhandeln (German).

Offtime announces 100,000 downloads and launches in Switzerland as MyTime

The Berlin-based Offtime cooperates with Swisscom and launches in Switzerland as "MyTime". The app helps to separate the important and the unimportant messages you get on your phone at certain times. In meetings it won't let friends reach you via chat or call, but e.g. colleagues.


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