Today in Germany: Nestpick & Wunderflats, Mister Spex.

Mister Spex shares numbers. Nestpick launches in Germany and here's what Wunderflats has to say.


We will continue as planned, says Wunderflats' CEO, as Rocket’s Nestpick enters the German market.

As announced on Friday, Nestpick, the accommodation platform for students supported by Rocket Internet, launches in Germany. Until now, that was Berlin-based Wunderflats’ market. Here is how the current situation looks like.

Mister Spex Increases Sales in 2014 to €65 million

Mister Spex's sales increased on a €47 million revenue in 2013 to €65 million this year (increase of 38 percent). Just recently, Mister Spex raised a $40 million round lead by Goldman Sachs. As Mister Spex states, a portion of the funding has been used for expanding to Scandinavia: Norway's contact lens online shop now belongs also to the Mister Spex group. "We are pleased that we continued our course for growth in 2014 and could expand our position as the European leader in online optics now with 1.5 million customers," said Mister Spex-founder and CEO Dirk Graber. "By achieving the profitability and stabilization of our position in Scandinavia with the purchase of Lensit, we are prepared to expand in existing and new European markets."
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Image: Wunderflats


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