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Today in Germany: Nestpick, Zalando.

Nestpick launches in more European countries, Zalando starts own mailbox boxes.



Nestpick launches in Spain, France, and the UK

Rocket’s Berlin-based online platform for verified rental booking, Nestpick, announced their launch in the UK, France, Spain and Italy today. Its aims is clear: The startup wants to become the global number 1 for how students and young professionals find apartments abroad.

Never miss a Zalando package again

DHL, Deutsche Telekom and online retailer Zalando will start testing PaketButler starting in 2015. The boxes will be attached safely at ones door and can only be opened by the DHL delivery service and the owner of the box. The idea is to reduce the costs of undeliverable packages.
[Location Insider] (German)



Image: Zalando

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