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Today in Germany: Number26, Leinentausch, Lamudi

Number26, the new mobile bank account, launched, Lamudi keeps expanding, and Leinentausch received some fresh cash.


Number26 launches in Germany and Austria

Opening a banking account has never been so easy. While you usually have to show up in person, Number26 does the identification process over a video call. Besides the easy registration process, you will also find a great UI. On top, the account is for free and customers can access every ATM worldwide with the Number26 MasterCard (that works as a debit card) for free.
[TechCrunch], background: [VentureVillage]



Rocket Internet's Lamudi expands in Afrika and the Middle East

Th real estate network Lamudi expands its presence in Africa and the Middle East, adding Qatar, Gabon, Angola and the Republic of Congo it its list. Including them the company's portfolio now covers 32 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.


6-digit investment for Leinentausch

Berlin-based Leinentausch connects dog sitters and dog owners. It received a 6-digit investment by the publishing house Forum Media Group. In exchange, the investor receives about 25% of equity.
[Gründerszene] (German)


Image: Number26

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