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Today in Germany: optiopay, Glossybox’s new office, article update Rocket Internet & Roland Berger

Former co founder of starts optiopay, Glossybox's new office, Update on Rocket Internet & Roland Berger article



Former co founder of starts optiopay

Marcus Börmer, former co founder of reBuy, and Oliver Oster, former CEO of have started optiopay. In a job offer found it says: “OptioPay is aiming to become the leading software company for payment solutions in the area of salary and refunds. We are seeking experienced developers to help us build our product”.

 Glossybox's new office

Take a look at Glossybox's new office in Berlin

Update on: Rocket Internet and Roland Berger plan to start "super incubator"

In the story published on December 17th, it said CEO of Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée became a board member of Rocket Internet in September 2014. This information was incorrect. Instead, it was Roland Berger who became board member. Also, Terra Numerata™ is the name of the Roland Berger’s digital business platform, not of the incubator. Find the updated article here:





Image: Screenshot optiopay

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