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Today in Germany: SoundCloud, ParkTAG, BRDGE

SoundCloud signed a deal with Warner Music, ParkTAG wants to solve the parking problem, BRDGE wants to be the Tinder for business contacts.


SoundCloud signed a deal with Warner Music

"[...] It is yet to be seen what the consequences will mean for SoundCloud and its artists and listeners in the long run. We have seen many startups beginning with a peer-to-peer model that later ended up being a “big players to peers” model, e.g. eBay. The biggest fear is that with the big players coming in could take over the main advertising and maybe even editorial space. They are still the ones in power. The hope is that the music industry sees the value it can earn with a fair agreement with SoundCloud – and that SoundCloud keeps its head up and knows its value." Read the full story on VentureVillage

How ParkTAG Wants To End the Frustration Around Finding A Parking Space

"Basically, we take the sensor information that is generated by the gyroscope, accelerometer, and all different kinds of sensors in the phone. We use that to detect what you are doing. So, we can tell if you are searching for parking. We can tell if you have parked. We can even predict that you are about to vacate a parking space or if you already have vacated. We can use that information to share it between users of our system. It is a crowdsourcing concept, where users help users by notifying them that there is a free parking space somewhere very soon." Read the full interview with ParkTAG on VentureVillage

BRDGE, Tinder for business networking, launched at Dublin Web Summit

BRDGE works just like Tinder but with a business approach and therefor with a Xing or LinkedIn connection. In the long run the startup based in Frankfurt wants to become a digital business card. To start right, the product launched at the Dublin Web Summit. Read the full interview on Location Insider (German)

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