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Today in Germany: Tollabox’s bankruptcy, Datapine interview, Brille24’s TV ad, Events.

Tollabox had to file for bankruptcy, an interview with Datapine, Brille24 launched a TV campaign, and this week's events.


Tollabox couldn’t close a round and filed for bankruptcy

Arts and craft subscription box Tollabox from Berlin explained in a company’s blogpost that a new investment round blew and therefore the startup had to file for bankruptcy. All paid orders will however still be shipped and the team will continue working until the end of April.
[Gründerszene] (German), [Tollabox's blog] (German)

Give it a try!

"The main recommendation I can give is: as long as you have clear vision and a good value proposition, give it a try," says Martin Blumenau from Datapine.
[The Local]

Brille24's TV ads

There is something happening with online platforms that sell glasses. Mister Spex received a $40 million funding roundtwo weeks ago, last week MyOptique acquired Rocket’s netzoptiker (which filed for bankruptcy in Fall 2014), and now Brille24, an Oldenburg-based startup in the same business started its TV ads.
[Mail Man](German)

This week's events

Make sure not to miss this week's startup events.



Image: Tollabox

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